The Flying Love Birds Team


The Flying Love Birds team 

Our motto ...

We're not answering the question of why,
but the HOW!
We let others do the talking, we ACT!
We LIVE what we do and lead through the EXAMPLE!
We live the guidelines of the ETHICAL GREEN FASHION.


Das Birdy Team 

Lisa Heidinger

Owner  Lisa Heidinger - CEO 
Head of Design
As a third-generation dressmaker, I practically grew up in the family studio. It was therefore only natural that my later career would also be closely intertwined with the fashion world and the craft. After my fashion design studies and the subsequent Master of Arts in Creative Direction at the University of Design in Pforzheim, I worked for many well-known companies in the textile industry.
Since 2014 I have also been teaching fashion (editing, implementation, fashion illustration and technology) at the Academy for Communication and the DHBW in Heilbronn. It is important to pass on your own knowledge and to promote the next generation. In this way, I can get the young designers interested in ecological and sustainable materials and production processes right from the start. After years of experience in the textile industry, I founded the fashion label "Flying Love Birds" at the end of 2016 and would be happy if you like our sustainable fashion!
If you have any questions about design, production or the press, please contact me at



Supported by Tobias Wolfgang Reisbeck - CEO - TRS
Head of Strategy and Sales
As an enthusiastic surfer and entrepreneur, I got to know Lisa through the Internet. After just a few meetings, I recognized the passion and potential of this still young company Flying Love Birds. Above all, the sustainability and protection of our resources corresponds to my own nature and the desire to have a lasting effect. In the past 12 years, I have been able to accompany, build up or optimize countless companies in over 14,000 coaching hours. What is created here is just very big! I am very happy to be able to contribute to this success story.

If you have any questions about the strategic direction or sales, please contact me at

Supported by Vera Weyrauch - Modellgestaltung
Freelance Patterndesignerin
My passion is fit, high-quality materials and sophisticated processing. I have been working in the fashion industry for well-known German companies for years. As a trained tailor, I learned my job from scratch, and now I specialize in CAD pattern design. I have made it my job to translate the visions of the designers into sophisticated and fit cuts and to bring the designs into shape.
Since I am an enthusiastic fan of FLB, I like to wear parts from the collection myself during sports, leisure activities or just to relax. So I know from my own experience how important fit and functionality are, especially in sportswear.

 Supported by Joe Shaw  - London (GBR)

Freelance Fashion Illustrator
My enthusiasm for fashion and design has been with me almost all my life. I was born in the north of England and have lived and worked in London (GBR) for over 12 years. As a fashion illustrator, it is my job to draw and present the fashion of young designers or brands for international fashion magazines and trade magazines. It is important to present fashion as close as possible and yet as creative as possible. I am happy to work with this wonderful and young startup from Germany. I am very enthusiastic about your modern and colorful design.


 Supported by Marlene Biehlheimer - photographer
I am a traveler, explorer, adventurer, friend, sister, daughter, aunt, and photographer, creative mind and much more. Photography is my big and deep love for me. The opportunity to capture what can never be said in words. To show people and fashion how they are and how they were previously not visible to others. I love to tell my own stories with my photography, one that cannot be put into words and has its own magic.
I share the same values ​​as Flying Love Birds and love this label. A label from my home. I look forward to making something even more attractive!


Supported by Lisa - model 
yoga - teacher
Dear Flying Love Birds Community, my name is Lisa and I have worked with the wonderful brand several times. In addition to my work as a model, I still work as a yoga teacher and have a great passion for holistic nutritional medicine. Follow me on Instagram @lis_who, I like to talk to you! All the best, your Lisa.

Supported by Amara Aniobi - Model 
Hip Hop & Breakdance Teacher
My passion is movement, music and a feeling of freedom and creativity. This is exactly what I associate with my job and my hobbies. I also like to sing, rap and model for my life. Flying Love Birds corresponds to me and my attitude to life of freedom, happiness and the urge to move freely.

Supported by Frida -  Kuschelkontrolle


Supported by Vida -  Head of Shooting
Smile Assistance



The storry behind Flying Love Birds

We at “Flying Love Birds” are a young label from an old tailor's house near Heilbronn. Lisa Heidinger's grandparents had already set up a tailoring center in the 1960s with a focus on high quality women's clothing. At its peak, the tailoring was staffed by up to 26 employees. So Lisa's mother already worked in this company and also became self-employed early on. After more than 50 years of tailoring, the grandma retired. Inspired by the lifestyle of acro yoga, white sand and surfing in Portugal, granddaughter Lisa Heidinger decided in 2017 to green the sustainable fashion label "Flying Love Birds" and breathe new life into the old rooms. First she started to position herself in the field of sustainable yoga fashion. The brand has undergone constant change since then. Again and again new models are tested in their own studio and placed on the market. So surfing, out of my own passion, became another element in the Flying Love Birds collection. In 2019 Lisa then gained a new supporter and surf-enthusiastic entrepreneur for her label (Tobias). This now helps you to align the brand further and prepare it for something new. Sustainability in harmony with functionality, quality and design is the credo of our brand. For this reason, almost all models are manufactured by experienced tailors in southern Germany with the greatest care and know-how. We place special emphasis on high-quality, soft and above all ecological materials. Well thought-out and modern cuts ensure that nothing slips even with acrobatic movements - perfect for yoga goddesses and power women. Flying Love Birds clothing is comfortable, aesthetic, comfortable to wear and stands for responsible use of resources and the environment. The passion for sustainable surf, sport and yoga fashion, the burning desire to make a difference in the world and the flair for design, colors and sustainable fabrics characterize our young label. Flying Love Birds is thus in a fixed and traditional Schneider frame with the latest technology and the passion to change sustainably. Specially developed for conscious people with high demands on design, material, functionality, sustainability and durability.