Measure clothing size correctly, here's how ...

So that your new favorite pieces fit properly right from the start, it is good to know your current body measurements exactly. Our size tables and the simple representation help you to find the right values ​​for your order and therefore also the ones to find the perfect fit.

To determine, you can either use a flexible measuring tape or, if this is not at hand, a stable wool thread or cord. You then only need a pen to mark the measured point and a ruler or yardstick to measure the exact length.

We recommend that you only wear light clothing when measuring, ideally even without clothing to get the most accurate result. Please pay particular attention that the measuring tape / cord is held horizontally to the floor, does not slip and is not too tight or too loosely stretched. Ideally, a friend could help you get the best result.

1. Chest circumference: Grasp the measuring tape with both hands and put it on your back first. This is the easiest way to read the number immediately.
Lower your arms loosely and naturally. It is important that you breathe calmly and naturally. Please breathe shallowly so that you do not falsify the result. The tape should run horizontally across the thickest part of the chest. The band should be close to the body and not make waves.

2. Underbust: Please measure directly under the breast. Ideally, you should also put the measuring tape on your back first. Now take it in both hands and measure in front of your body under your chest. Be careful not to inhale too deeply or accidentally hold your breath. Breathe out and inhale naturally, of course. Pay attention too. Standing upright and not leaning forward while measuring.

3. Waist circumference: The waist circumference is also called the waist circumference. This is the narrowest part of your upper body. Also make sure that the tape measure is against your body, that you breathe naturally when measuring and that the tape runs horizontally to the floor.

4. Hip circumference: Please pay attention to a straight posture with closed legs. Now take the tape measure to the widest part of your buttocks and hips. Please pay special attention here that the measuring tape does not hang too low or slip. A mirror can help you find the widest part.


Size chart for woman

Size chart for Bras
Size XS S M L XL
Clothing size 34 36 38 / 40 40 / 42 44
Underbust in cm  24,8 - 26,4 inch  26,8 - 28,5 inch  28,7 - 30,3 inch 30,7 - 32,3 inch  34,7 - 36,2 inch
Bust in cm 30,3 - 32,3 inch  32,3 - 33,5 inch 33,9 - 36,6 inch 37 - 40,2 inch 39,4 - 43,3 inch

Size chart for bikini pants
Size XS S M L XL
Clothing size 34 36 38 / 40 40 / 42 44
Hüftumfang in cm  34,7 - 35,8 inch  35,4 - 37,4 inch 37,8 - 39,8 inch 39,4 - 41,4 inch  40,2 - 43,3 inch

Size chart for leggings
Size XS S M L XL
Clothing size 34 36/38 38 / 40 40 / 42 44
Hip in cm  34,7 - 35,8 inch  35,4 - 37,4 inch 37,8 - 39,8 inch 39,4 - 41 inch  40,2 - 42,5 inch


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